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INLARARIA studio, Art and Culture, in the sponsorship and collaboration program and according our management philosophy of promotion, art and culture broadcast we have contributed, through the support of our infraestructure, in the VIDEOAKT edition, International Biennal of videoarte.

Triller: Videoakt International Videoart Biennial © Videoakt
Music by Eduardo Menendez

VIDEOAKT is a festival that take place every two years, between Berlin (Germany) and Barcelone (Spain).

VIDEOAKT is a connectivity platform, it creates Networks among intitutions and organizations that second the development of the videoart. A jury formed by experts in contemporani art and audiovisuals will select the submitted Works, for the final selection and the winner of the competition. The winner work will be worthy of the prize: Videoakt – Home of Velazquez of the “Académie du France” in Madrid (Madrid – Spain).

VIDEOAKT has, as goal, to propitiate and to create cultural exchanges in the audiovisual art World, offering the oportunity to contact among concerns, artists and cultural agents from everywhere in the World. Emphasizing in cultural diversity. Its aim is to proportion an historical and actual panorama with local projects and the contextualization of them in a global sphere.



Is the first woman to dedicate in new medias in Peru. For several years she dedicated to investigate y al comisariado específico de los artistas peruanos dentro del Festival Internacional de Artes Electrónicas en Lima.Graphic designer and plastic artista of fine arts in Perú, Máster in interactive Systems for audiovisuals in “Mecad” from the Ramon Llull University in Barcelone, Spain; Master in “LAMP” Systems for free software with subvention from European Community. She writes in magazines. She works as an artist and art researcher with new Technologies. Director of VIDEOAKT International videoart biennial.

General direction: Angie Bonino.


First edition

11-13/ 07/ 2008 Berlín, GlogauAIR centre.
25-31/ 05/ 2009 Barcelona, at the Loop Fairl 2009


Mona Ruijs (Holand), Funda Özgünaydin (Ireland ), Jun’ichiro Ishii, (Japan)


Javier Maculet (Spain), Basicproduction / VJ Liam Carlin (UK), Juan Carlos de la Parra (Mexico), Shakinda (Ireland), Dfuse (UK), Ray-V (Israel), INTRANSITos (Germany / Colombia), Djane ZistaS (Germany), Guido Bärbig / Peter Senkel (Germany)

Videoakt 2009 © Videoakt
Winners first edition Videoakt

Second edition

16-22/ 05/ 2011 Barcelona, Hotel AMISTER
4-5/ 12/ 2012 Berlín, Instituto Cervantes


First award: Maya Watanabe – “A-pha-nousia” – Peru
Second award: Juan Carlos de la Parra – “ Whatever karma – whatever chaos”- Mexico


Konstantin Adjer(Russia), Cristian Alarcón Ismodez (Peru), Wei Ming Ho (Taiwan), UrosDjurovic (Germany), Eszter Szabó (Hungary), Ramón Guimaraes (Spain), Birds Productions (USA), Avi Krispín (Netherlands), Grimanesa Amorós (Perú), Juan Diego Tobalina (Perú), Patricia Bueno (Perú), Malena Santillana (Perú), Jose Antonio Torres (Perú), Maria Cañas (Spain), Eva Gull Valls (Spain), Alberte Pagán (Spain), Fina Olivart (Spain), Begoña Egurbide (Spain), Miquel García (Spain), Esther Achaerandio (Spain).

Videoakt 2011, 2012 © Videoakt
Winners and finalists second edition Videoakt

Third edition

25-28/ 06/ 2013 Barcelona, Auditorium of the French Institute
29/ 06/ 2013 Barcelona, – Closing Ceremony of Videoakt – H2O Gallery


Albert Merino – “La ciudad y el otro” – España

Albert Merino. The city and the other © Albert Merino

Honourable mention:

Cristian Alarcón Ismodes – “VII pulgadas” – Perú


Aditi Avinash Kulkarni (India), Adrián Regnier Chávez (México), Agustín Puente (Argentina), Alejandra Bueno (España), “2+2” Romina Chaile y Alejandro Garat (Argentina), Alice Dalgalarrondo (Brasil), Sándor M. Salas (España), Arantxa Boyero (España), Claudio Molina Moral (España), Félix Fernández (España), Gabriel Andreu (Reino Unido), Iván Cortázar (USA), Julio Martinez Malqui (Perú), Karin Dolk (Suecia / España), Katherinne Fiedler (Perú), Gilivanka KEDZIOR & Barbara FRIEDMAN (France), Lois Patiño (España), Maia Navas (Argentina), Mana Salehi (Irán), Mariokissme (España), Miguel Soler (España) Mikel Zatarain (España), Paulo Carneiro (Portugal), Paul Barrios (Colombia), Ñ+Ñ Raquel Muñoz – Montse Carreño (España), Raul Gomez Valverde (USA), Uwe Heine Debrodt (México), Wei-Ming Ho (Taiwan)


The homage section in Videoakt is an area very important, With that area it is done a relevante to the artists that their works and trajectory have been consolidating the history of the videoart for the new generations. Videoakt places special emphasis on build and rebuild, with the alive memory of the pioneers artists, the conscious development of an arte that have offered and it will offer fruits in the field of creation.

International homage Videoart. Biennal 2011. Robert Cahen.

VIDEOAKT Biennial 2011 dedicates the section of pioneers to Robert Cahen (1945), aconcerning videoart. He has produced, since 1972, a distinguished body of work for cinema and television.


Robert Cahen
Valence, 1945

Robert Cahen is a pioneer using electronic technologies in image processing. Video artist, filmmaker, photographer and composer. He is one of the main artists in the videoart world and international video installation, with more than fifty films and videos shown around the wold in museums as George Pompidou, Le musée Gustave Moureu, National Museum Reina Sofía, ZKM, among others.

His work goes about the dinamism and static of the movement, for his studies of concret music with Pierre Schaeffer, his base in the creation of the sound is so important as the visual part reaching a balance between the fiction and reality, poetics and narratives that go from the lineal to the no lineal, inviting us to an univers of perceptual experiences and communicative situations.

Robert Cahen. Trompe l’oeil, 1979 © Robert Cahen

International homage Videoart. Biennal 2013. Wolf Kahlen.

VIDEOAKT Biennial 2013 dedicates the pioneers sections to Wolf Kahlen (1940), a reference of the videoart that it selfdefines as “sculptor of the communication media”. Since 70’s he has a wide production, even as a teacher in different countries.


Wolf Kahlen
Aix-la-Chapelle/Aachen, 1940

Wolf Kahlen in one of the pioneer artists on the videoart stage and the Fluxus movement in Germany. Kahlen in an multidisciplinary artist and he has worked till now in video, photograph, sculpture, performance, netart, etc. He has produced the art and investigation project “Leonardo for Tibet”, who travels, since 1985, along Tibet, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan and all the Himalaya countries. In 1996 in China he carried out a huge individual exhibition in the Museum of Art in Beijing.

Far from the stablished formulas and repetition, He carries out pieces to show himselves in a uniquely in the specific place where the piece has been recorded. The Wolf Kahlen Museum – Intermedia Arts Museum at Bernau near Berlin is dedicated to his work since 2005.

Among his last retrospectives expositions we have: Museum Folkwang Essen, ZKM Karlsruhe, WRO Wroclaw and Ruine der Künste in Berlin.

Wolf Kahlen. Trespassing, 1971 Film und Video, © Wolf Kahlen

Programa VIDEOAKT International Videoart Biennial 2013

Programme of VIDEOAKT International Videoart Biennial 2013

From 25 to 28 June – French Institut – Barcelona: Street Moiá, 8,
June 29. Closing Ceremony of Videoakt -Gallery H₂O – Barcelona: Street Verdi, 151,

Auditorium of the French Institute of Barcelona: Location: C. Moià 8
Free access to all activities

Introduction of Videoakt International Video Art Biennial, the video art Biennial of Barcelona, which will be organized at the French Institute. Videoakt is a festival that is held every second year in Barcelona – Spain, Berlin – Germany,and next year it will move to France. From 25 to 29 June the bests of young international video art will be presented, together with the audiovisuals of the most important curators and artists of the highest level and career. It has 4 sections: Invited curators, Guest artists, Open Call Competition of the selected works by a jury of experts, tribute to the pioneer of video art: Wolf Kahlen (Germany), the section of the round table discussion and the closing ceremony.

Tuesday 25 of June
12:00 am. Press Conference. With the presence of national and international artist and curators.
17:00 p.m to 21:00 pm: Inauguration of Videoakt International Video Art Biennial. Video art projections selected by expert curators both national and international level together with guest artists, who will give a presenteation about the displayed works.
17.00 – Curator: Antonieta Sibaja director of MUCEVI Central American Museum of Video Art
17:30 pm – Curator: Jorge La Ferla professor at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) monograph of Sebastian Diaz Morales (Argentina)
18:00 pm – Curator: Fabrizio Pizzuto independent curator (Italy)
18:30 pm – Curator: Gabriella DiLorenzo independent curator (Italy – Spain)
monograph of Patricia Bentancur (Uruguay)
19:00 pm – Curator: Sandrine Bouiniere independent curator (France)
19:30 pm – Curator: Bayardo Blandino director of the Centre of Contemporany Visual Arts CAVC / MUA (Honduras),
20:00 pm: Curator: Homesession: Olivier Collet and Jérôme Lefaure directors (France – Spain).
20:30 pm: – Curator: Federica Matelli LiminalB director (Barcelona)
Wednesday 26 of June
17: 00 Hours: selected videos of the competition (Part I): Aditi Avinash Kulkarni (India), Regnier Adrian Chavez (Mexico), Augustine Bridge (Argentina), Alejandra Bueno (Spain), “2 +2″ Romina Chaile and Alejandro Garat ( Argentina), Alice Dalgalarrondo (Brazil), Sándor M. Salas (Spain), Arantxa Bootes (Spain), Claudio Molina Moral (Spain), Félix Fernández (Spain), Gabriel Andreu (United Kingdom), Ivan Cortazar (USA), Julio Martinez Malqui (Peru), Karin Dolk (Sweden / Spain ), Katherinne Fiedler – (Peru) – Gilivanka Kędzior & Barbara Friedman (France), Lois Patiño (Spain), Maia Navas (Argentina)
18:30: Awarding ceremony of the international competition section of video art of VIDEOAKT, in collaboration with Casa de Velázquez of the French Academy in Madrid and Visual Odor Collection video screening of the winners: 1st Place Albert Merino (Spain) – Honorable Mention of Cristian Alarcón (Peru). Motion Imagery delivers the Scholarship. With the presence of the jury: Sergi Doladé, Ramon Guimaraes, Alicia Aza, Xavier Baudoin and Angie Bonino
19:00 pm: Tribute to Wolf Kahlen, video screening of the pioneer artist of the video art movement, with the presence of the artist. Wolf is a historical reference for culture, the presentation and discussion will be managed by the renowned audio visual researcher Antoni Mercader.

Thursday 27 of June
17:00 pm: Curator: Ricardo Iglesias professor at the University of Barcelona
17:30 pm: Curator: Ignacio Rodriguez Director of Fictions Biennial of Photography and Video (Uruguay);
18:00 pm: Guest video artists: Elizabeth Ross (Mexico), R Marcos Mota (Spain), Victoria Ilyushkina (Russia), Luis Jaume (Spain), Begoña Egurbide (Spain), Toni Serra *) Abu Ali (Spain), Pedro Ortuño Mengual (Spain)
18:30 pm: Curator: Martin Capatinta director of Film and Video Festival Lakino Berlin (Germany)
19:00 pm: Curator: Lorea Iglesias director of Mobil Views (Barcelona)
19:30 pm: Curator: Santiago Olmo critic and independent curator (Spain)
monograph: Francesca Llopis
20: 00 pm: Curator: Alex Brahim director of DiBiNa Digital Büro of International Art (Barcelona)
monograph Ricardo Trigo (Spain)
20:30 pm: Curator: Enrico Tomaselli director of MagMart Video Festival (Italy),
21: 00 pm: Curator: Macu Moran director of VideoartWorld and Imageri Motion, (Spain)
Friday 28 of June
17:00 pm: Curaors: Juan Ramón Barbancho La Nave Spacial Seville Festival. Mov, curators: Nadia Morillo Cano and Maria Gracia Cordova (Peru).
18:00: Selected Artists by Videoakt (Part II): Mana Salehi (Iran), Mariokissme (Spain), Miguel Soler (Spain) Mikel Zatarain (Spain), Paulo Carneiro (Portugal), Paul Barrios (Colombia), Ñ + Ñ Raquel Muñoz – Montse Carreño (Spain), Raul Gomez Valverde (USA), Uwe Heine Debrodt (Mexico), Wei-Ming Ho (Taiwan)
19:00: Round Table Discussion: “Telematic Embrace” New Forms of Art Management in Networked Society by Silvia Alvarez curator and cultural manager,
Discussion Panel with the speakers: Patricia Bentancur (Director of Exhibitions and New Media Cultural Center of Spain in Montevideo, Uruguay); Homesession Olivier Collet and Jérôme Lefaure (France – Barcelona), The Palomar: Mariokissme and Rafa Marcos (Barcelona) , Andreu Meixide the Creative Commons Film Festival (Barcelona), A-DESK Montse Badia (Barcelona), Susana Serrano: Centre of Art of Seville and art critic, Coordinator of the “10 Openkult” platform (Sevilla)

Saturday 29 of June
Gallery HO. Place: St. Verdi 152
18:00 pm. to 22:00 pm. – Closing Ceremony of Videoakt -
18:00 pm: Video art screening: Curators: Marco Antonio Moscoso Video Raymi Festival (Peru), Victoria Ilyushkina curator of CYberfest, (Russia). Miguel Foundation director Petchkovsky Time Frame (Netherlands), Valentina Montero independent curator (Chile)
19:30 – 20:00 pm: Ginesta Music Group: Francesca Llopis (at cello.) Alba Sotorra (keyboard and piano) Patricia Maecer (violinist and sound box) projection and video mixing Francesca Llopis.
20: 00 pm: iPadMorita - Live set Performance – video, sound and music