Photo Ramon Guimaraes

Who we are

We are an study of interdisciplinary training born from a professional trajectory joined to the creation and design World. In the INLARARIA team – formed by Emilio J. Santamaria de Torres and Oscar Carles Munné-Fustegueras - we create and design rooms combining architecture, design and art.

Our projects stands out for an enviorenment full of sensibility, harmony, delicacy and smartness, showing emotions and feelings with the use of the colour , the composition, the fineness and the comfort.

We Project personalized rooms adaptated to needs of each customer. Our value added is the beg for an author design integrated with special emphasis in the art and antiquities in everyone of our rooms. We design everything essential to create an harmonic set.

We work with a will in order your wishes come true and we bet for a teamwork. For that we have the collaboration of different professionals: Felipe Carles, architect; Angie Bonino, curator and art advicer; Yolanda Fradera, events and convenctions manager; Ramón Guimarâes, photographer and an own tecnichs and industrial team. We have advicer in lighting, furniture, Graphic design and multimedia.

The origin of our name

The name INLARARIA borns from the idea to join to terms:

IN (from Lat. Pref.) – in/ indoor and LARARIA (from lat. Sing. lararium) – sacred room in the house where take place offerings or they used to pray to the gods Lares in order to take care of the home.

The origin of lares gods is found in the Etruscan cults to the family gods.

The lares were gods of the Roman mithology, sons of the Náyade Lara/Lala (mythology) and Mercury/ Hermes (Mythology)